Senior Life and Nursing Home Advocates Endorse Schomacker

Luverne – I am honored today to announce the endorsements of both Aging Services of Minnesota and Care Providers of Minnesota.

In a release to its members, Aging Services of Minnesota stressed that they take each endorsement seriously, and only endorsed in a select few races where the candidates have “demonstrated the strong potential to be leaders at the legislature on our issues in the coming legislative session.”

During my first two years in office, I have strived to be a vocal advocate on senior living issues.  Even though I’m the youngest member of the legislature, I have placed extra focus on nursing home and assisted living issues because of the district I serve.

Southwest Minnesota is growing older at a faster rate than much of the rest of the state.  In addition, nursing homes and assisted living are the largest employers in our region.  I keep a list of the number of jobs associated with senior living in each district in the state on my office door to remind myself and anyone who comes in about the importance of this industry.

With more baby boomers retiring, there will be extra demand on the industry, and that will come at a cost to the taxpayer.  It’s why I worked hard for the small rate increase we were able to get for many of our rural nursing homes in the last session, and will continue to work on reforming the bureaucracy that drives up the cost of care.

Patti Cullen, CEO of Care Providers of Minnesota, said in a statement:

Our dedicated long-term care professionals are proud to support Representative Joe Schomacker.  Schomacker understands our state’s long-term care issues and he has a deep commitment to maintaining Minnesota’s reputation for high-quality long-term care.


It’s an issue I’ve been proud to work across the aisle on as well.  I led the House’s bipartisan Long-Term Care study group where we discussed problems and how to implement legislative solutions.

Below is a link to a floor speech I delivered near the end of session this year to talk about some of the solutions we were able to accomplish in the Health and Human Services Omnibus Finance Bill:

HHS Omnibus Floor Speech